Encouraging Project Independence & Self-sustainability

Kids Worldwide encourages projects to take on increasing responsiblity for the management and booking of volunteers. We tend to take on new projects that are under 5 years old, and our aim is to scaffold and assist them in the management and administration of both their project and volunteers to achieve independence. Read more about our method of working with projects here.

Project Ratings

In 2010 we have implemented a structure of classifying a project according to the level of development that they have achieved. The stage that a project is rated at is a rough guide / indication of how many years Kids Worldwide have been assisting the project. We will be updating this page in weeks to come, as our Regional Supervisors are currently training and assessing the directors and projects in their region. We intend to provide an indication level on each project page in the near future.

What does this mean for me?

By understanding the rating level of a project, you will get a feel for how developed the project is that you will be going to.

Do not expect a high level of systems and policies to be in place in lower rated projects. If you are the type of person with a pioneering personality who likes to engage with new initiatives, in exotic cultures, then these may be the type of project for you. Exposure to international volunteers at the project is likely to be minimal and you will be breaking new ground for volunteers to come. You will need to be proficient in interpersonal skills (ie a "people person") and be self-aware, patient and reflective in addressing cultural issues and exchanging different ways of looking at the world with the project and staff. If you would like to become a volunteer coordinator, we would encourage you to take on a project at an earlier stage.

Projects with a higher rating are likely to have more volunteers at them and to have stronger systems in place for accommodating and working with volunteers. If you don't want to be the only international volunteer or it is your first time travelling overseas, then you may wish to consider this type of project.

Project Stages

Below are a summary of the stages that projects are scaffolded through:

Stage 0 - Assessment

Stage 1 - Establishment of Volunteer Programme

Stage 2 - Establishment of Systems

Stage 3 - Building the Project: Development of Ethical Businesses

Stage 4 - Building the Director and Volunteer Structure.

Stage 5 - Planning for Independence.

To read in more detail how we assess and rank a project, click here

Australian volunteer at Good Hope, Tanzania
Volunteer at UAC,  Cameroon

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