Treasure Hunt

treasure chestThe Treasure Hunt programme is a compulsory activity for all potential volunteers, which helps to develop their ability to fundraise and explain to others about the project that they will be helping. We hope that this will also encourage more people to also become inspired to volunteer in our projects or help us in our work with the children.

Even if you cannot visit the projects, you can still get involved in our Treasure Hunt! Volunteers who are intending to come are often able to carry in special items that you may be able to help with. Please check out the needs area to become more familiar with items that would always be appreciated. Besides this, on most of the mailing lists, volunteers in the project can inform you of donations that would be much appreciated, as the list changes from time-to-time.

Sample text for your campaign to bring materials:

Collect all your old toys together, books and drawing materials and donate them to an orphanage.

Most orphanages have a shortage of artistic materials for the children to practice their newly developing talents in writing and drawing. This means they need paper as well as colouring pens, pencils and paints.

boy with toysWhat may seem a trifle to you, is a wonderful gift to a child who does not have parents to provide those special little extras that most kids take for granted. If you can help with a donation or by offering a collection point for the materials in a shopping centre, please contact us today!


Donate: Project Needs


Since our volunteers work directly with the children every day, they know what is needed and see that resources are utilized just as they were intended.

The mailing lists are a good way to get to know what is most needed in the project where you are planning to volunteer. Be sure to check the archives when you join up, or ask other recent volunteers what you think would be appreciated.

How do the projects utilize donations?

The orphanages generally have enough money to pay for the minimum daily allotment of calories per child , but they may not have enough for a balanced diet.

Fruits and vegetables are often donated by local farmers, but sometimes these can be old and half rotten. Milk seems to be the easiest, cheapest, most reliable way to provide for the nutiritional needs of the kids.

Medical Care
The budget for medical care is extremely limited in orphanages. Usually the children are seen for free in local hospitals and clinics but the medicines or supplies can be expensive. Volunteers who have pharmaceutical contacts should definitely contact them for donations of multivitamins, anti-fungal creams etc.

Some foreign governments provide funding for traditional immunizations like Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Polio etc. They do not provide funding to test for hepatitis, or aids, nor do they provide immunization for hepatitis. Given the conditions of poverty, neglect, and abuse that many of these children come from we would like to provide for these needs.

Feminine protection
The girl's orphanages must purchase sanitary napkins for the older girls. This is very expensive for them. Donations of boxes of napkins are always most appreciated. Contact Johnson & Johnson or other factory makers in your area to ask for donations. Please don't buy from your own money, as this will be too costly.

Educational Supplies
Most of the schools that the children attend are without adequate funds for textbooks. Because of this the children must often copy large amounts of information into notebooks to study later. So each child will often need 10-12 notebooks a year. This could be provided for poor families through sponsorship. Many children come to school without adequate materials.

We also try to provide for other educational needs such as a small library in each project. Please collect as many childrens books and educational teaching materials as possible. It is good to study basic educational concepts before you come as well, such as how to assist children to read and write, the value of postive reinforcement etc.

The local people often donate used clothes to the orphanages but there are certain items that are donated less frequently or wear out more quickly. The children often have inadequate shoes and underwear. As they attend public schools where buying a school uniform is mandatory, shabby clothes and school uniforms do nothing to increase their self esteem.

Volunteers often choose to leave thier old clothes behind them when they go home. If you collect clothes items, concentrate on shoes and underwear as these are often the costly items. Go to second hand / charity shops and explain your needs - often they will donate good 2nd hand underwear. Often local underwear, whilst cheap, may only last 2 or 3 months. It thus becomes expensive keeping the kids equipped. Good quality underwear and bras would always be welcome. If you are unable to get cheap underwear, bring some money and buy local stuff for the children when you are there.

Project Improvements
As our volunteers work in the projects they become aware of simple things that are needed to improve conditions. These include things like toys, cribs, play mats, fences, mattresses, blankets, playground equipment, plumbing, etc. A good way to check out where the emphasis lies in the project you will be assisting is to check through the archives in the mailing lists.

Party Fund
We would like to have enough money for simple parties and excursions during holidays and children's birthdays. If this appeals to you, budget on $100 per event and bring it with you to arrange the event when you are there.