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What we do:

KIDS Worldwide helps to organise placements for approximately 500 international volunteers every year, who get involved in over forty children's projects located in 17 developing countries around the world. These projects are managed by organisations registered in the country in which they work.

Our point of difference:

Kids Worldwide is different from the majority of other volunteer organisations in that we are run by volunteers FOR volunteers . We do not have to recoup staff and salary costs for administration. This means that volunteers only pay for their food and accommodation to the project directors themselves, when they arrive - thus directly benefiting the project they are going to help. There is no middle man and the cost is thus very reasonable to volunteers.

Encouraging Project Independence & Self-sustainability

Kids Worldwide encourages projects to take on increasing responsibility for the management and booking of volunteers. In the past, we tended to take on projects which were less than 5 years old and be an integral part in the booking process and training of volunteer coordinators and communicating with families. We have established a good relationship with those projects over the last 12 years, and have handed over the reins of volunteer management entirely to the directors and their elected volunteer coordinators. Our website still exists in order to provide a platform for these projects to find volunteers and run reputable programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many volunteers questions related to cost and the way we work can be found in the volunteer section of our website as well as the about us section.

Supporting Children's Projects

Every year since 2003, we added approximately 5-8 new projects. Since 2011 we have been consolidating the 40+ projects we assist and are pleased to have graduated majority of the projects on our site -  meaning that we no longer monitor their communication with volunteers or offer management support and advice.  We have placed links directly to these project websites off our site now, and no longer expect volunteers to apply through our site but to apply on each project's own site, if it is mentioned. We have a strong belief in these projects and highly recommend those directly linked off our site. 

Project managers - please do not apply for assistance from us unless your project is in a country where we currently have no other projects.  We are not a funding organisation, so please do not send long proposals. Please read the affiliation section if you wish to know more.

Volunteer Feedback

Kat Kehrt

Volunteering and seeing the conditions of life for children in other countries can often change your life drastically and spark new decisions and directions. Kat Kehrt volunteered in Nepal at Harka Orphan Home and upon return to the US, this experience led her to form her own non-profit organisation to work with handicapped children around the world. Read more>...

Pete Harvey wrote a magazine article about his time volunteering at the rural health clinics in Ghana in December 2011. Read more>

Natalia Garcia Gomez: When my husband and I decided to come for one month to Pag-Amoma, we didn't know what we would encounter... more>

Timea Fleury

Timea Fleury volunteered in Nepal at the Supportive Orphan Home. Read her blog>